Why Choose Divorce Mediation

Why Choose Divorce Mediation – In A Word, Your Kids & Family
It is also quick, easy and relatively cheap as compared to litigation

Divorce Mediation is less stressful for all family members

Divorce mediation has less negative effects on your kids and is a cost effective process when compared with traditional divorce litigation.  It is an ideal process for couples who want to divorce, can cooperate and want to keep the focus on helping their kids come out the other end as well adjusted as possible. Divorce mediation services allow you to maintain control of the process with the help of our certified divorce mediator, and develop a fair and equitable dissolution of your marriage. The process reduces the stress on each of you because you make all of the decisions together. The process of divorce mediation reduces the impact of divorce on you and, more importantly, lessens the impact on your children. By mediating your divorce, you create your divorce agreement and agree to the timing, rather than having a judge decide what is best for you and your kids. The parenting plan, the division of marital property, child support and the financial issues will be discussed, negotiated and agreed upon in the privacy of our meetings.

Ten Reasons To Choose Divorce Mediation If You Care About Your Kids & Your Family

  1. Mediation lessens the effects of the divorce on all involved – especially the kids. Mediation keeps your children out of court and out of the conflict.  Divorce mediation also models appropriate behavior for a very difficult situation for your kids.
  2. Divorce mediation increases the chances of a more stable post-divorce relationship by removing the adversarial relationship and replacing it with a constructive one focused on problem-solving and what is best for the children.
  3. You get to have more input. Each topic is discussed, and Mark Paige gives both of you personal attention to understand what is important and will make sure each of you is heard.   The solutions will reflect a common agreement on what is best for the family rather than a judge making all of the decisions in a courtroom.
  4.  Divorce mediation offers you the opportunity to solve issues and problems creatively, without court imposed time constraints. Mark Paige will offer you this opportunity in the mediation process and guide you to the best solution for your family’s needs and will help you focus on your modified relationship with your kids.
  5.  Your spouse and you have control over the process, not a judge. Both of you know the situation and your children better than someone who has never met them.  You tailor an agreement that you both agree is best.
  6. It saves both of you a substantial amount of money as compared to traditional divorce litigation.
  7. It is less adversarial than litigation. Mark will guide you through the easy and difficult topics serving as the neutral facilitator and will skillfully keep the focus on cooperating in order to develop the best solutions for your entire family.
  8. The process, by its nature, gives you and your family more privacy. Your sessions are held in privacy rather than the public space of a courtroom.  The notes of your sessions are confidential, and no one, especially your children, is subject to publicly testifying in court.
  9. The process moves faster than traditional divorce litigation.
  10. You get to work on your schedule, not the courts. Traditional litigation works on the court’s calendar.  You will be in court during the day, missing work.  Mediation offers you the ability to work in the evening and if necessary, on weekends, to work out your custom divorce agreement without missing work or being pressured by time.

Mark Paige Can Help Your Family Divorce While Focusing On Your Kids’ Well Being

If you are looking for a divorce mediator who helps you focus on your kids’ well-being, contact Mark Paige at 845-639-0982; he is a mediator who is compassionate, effective and fair.  Mr. Paige provides Divorce Mediation serivces to Rockland County, Westchester and Orange from his New City office at 146 Maple Avenue in New City.