What is Divorce Mediation

What Is Divorce Mediation and Why Is the Mediator Critical to the Process?
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Mediation lessens the effect of divorce on children

Mediation lessens the effect of divorce on children

Mark Paige is a top divorce mediator in Rockland, Westchester and Orange Counties in NY.  He has over 25 years experience as a divorce attorney.  In 2010 he decided there is a better way for couples who can amicably communicate, and opened The Rockland County Family Divorce Mediation Center.  Divorce mediation is a voluntary alternative to traditional litigation that revolves around mutual problem solving rather an adversarial dispute resolved by a judge.  It saves time, money and heartache, especially if children are involved.  Divorce mediators act as a neutral party between the husband and the wife or domestic partners.  As a divorce mediator, he will help both of you focus on what your goals are and reaching a fair and equitable resolution of all relevant issues.   Mediation allows both of you to have meaningful input and control of the process. The philosophy of mediation is that you and your spouse know more about what is best for your family than a judge.   The goal is a divorce that has the least impact on your children, is a fair agreement, is completed quickly and is much less expensive than an adversarial divorce.

A Talented Mediator Can Minimize the Effects of Divorce on Children

If you want to minimize the impact of the divorce on your children, divorce mediation can help you accomplish this.  Your children will need both of their parents to guide them into adulthood.  Mark will help you develop a parenting agreement that the both of you feel best fits your children’s needs.  The parenting plan will be discussed in depth, negotiated and, in the vast majority of cases, serves the children better than a decision made by a judge.   The Rockland Family & Divorce Mediation Center is dedicated to helping both parties divorce with a focus on helping you transition your family from one entity to two in a mature, rational and respectful manner.

Hidden Benefits a Top Divorce Mediator Delivers

A talented divorce mediator can help you find three hidden benefits from the mediation process.

  1. The two parents will start to learn to communicate as co-parents, discussing and developing a comprehensive parenting plan. This very process can be the foundation of quality communication between two parents that will need to continue to discuss and negotiate what is best for the children without having to argue or fight.   A talented divorce mediator, such as Mark Paige, will model this communication as well as help you and your spouse develop these skills.
  2. You will learn to model respect and healthy adult behavior to your children.
  3. Mediation is less stressful to all involved.

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It has been said that divorce mediation is for people who are divorcing that love their children more than they dislike or even hate one another.  Mark Paige is a mediator who provides divorce mediation services in his office in New City, NY, or will meet at a neutral location in Rockland, Westchester or Orange Counties, NY – call him at 845-639-0982 to set an appointment to discuss your situation.