What Is Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is a voluntary alternative to traditional litigation that revolves around mutual problem solving rather an adversarial dispute resolved by a judge…


The Process

Divorce mediation is a process for couples who want to be active participants in their divorce and can cooperate in the process. The goal is to bring your family through this difficult time as easily as possible…


Why Choose Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation has less negative effects on your kids and is a cost effective process.  It is an ideal process for couples who want to divorce, can cooperate and want to keep the focus on helping their kids come out the other end as well adjusted as possible…


How Divorce Mediation Helps Children

Divorce mediation is a process for couples who want to transition out of their marriage in a way that reduces the negative effects of divorce on their children as well as themselves


Is Divorce Mediation For You

The divorce mediation process is dependent upon the couple working in a cooperative, respectful manner to plan their future lives and how they will develop a healthy environment to co-parent their children…


The Rockland Family And Divorce Mediation Center
Minimizes The Effect Of Divorce On All Family Members

Divorce Mediation New City, Rockland County, New York

Please consider The Rockland Family Divorce Mediation Center, in New City (centrally located in Rockland County), if you are considering divorce mediation. Our aim is to help you divorce with the least effect on all members of your family. We will help you maintain control of the divorce process, decide what is best for you and your children and do so in an honest, direct and cost-effective manner.  Divorce mediation is a faster, less expensive alternative to traditional litigated divorce where a judge makes all of the decisions regarding your life, your finances, and your children. Mediated divorces are easier on your children as well as both of you; they are less stressful, and relationships between parents and children are healthier over the long term. Being a divorce lawyer for over 20 years, I have seen the emotional and financial toll litigated divorce takes on families first hand. If your children’s best interest is an important goal in your divorce, I suggest you consider divorce mediation.

Mediation Lessens the Effects of Divorce on Families in Rockland County, Westchester, and Orange

Divorce mediation starts off with the end result in mind – how your family and children are going to end up after the process.  Are you interested in having your children coming through the process with minimal effects?  Mediation can accomplish this for people who are going through a divorce with children.  Can you be reasonably civil with your spouse and want the divorce to be as “clean” as possible?  If so, divorce mediation can be a method to help you transition your relationship from a married couple to co-parents.  Mediation can help keep the focus on the love you have for your children rather than the anger and pain you are currently feeling towards one another.  Additionally, we can help the two of you to work together to make the key decisions that affect your children rather than a judge who does not know your family. The two of you co-control the process and make the decisions that affect your family and that softens the difficulties of divorce for all involved. 

Do you live in Rockland, Westchester or Orange Counties and Want a Faster, More Affordable Divorce?

If both of you agree that it is time to end the marriage and can be respectful, The Rockland Family Divorce Mediation Center can help you speed the process and reduce the costs as compared to traditional divorce litigation.  Mark Paige has over 20 years practicing divorce law and was one of the first to offer mediation services in Rockland County, and has been doing so for over 15 years.  His background as an attorney allows him to ensure the process covers every essential topic.  His experience as a mediator allows him to keep things civil and move the process along at the quickest pace that effectively covers all of those essential areas.  In the end, divorce mediation is quicker, less expensive, lessens the animosity towards one another and, in most cases, has less of an effect on your children than traditional divorce.

Divorce Mediation in Rockland, Westchester and Orange Counties.  Evening and Weekend Appointments Are Available. 

The Rockland Family Divorce Mediation Center, located in New City, New York, provides divorce mediation in the following locations: New City, Orangeburg, Nyack, Nanuet, Montebello,  Suffern, Pearl River, Haverstraw, Stony Point, Goshen, Middletown, Newburgh,  Warwick, Monroe, Stony Point, Nyack, White Plains, Yorktown Heights, Mount Kisco, Scarsdale, Bedford, Harrison, Yonkers, New Rochelle and throughout Rockland County, Westchester County, and Orange County, NY.

The Rockland Family Divorce Mediation Center is located at 146 Maple Avenue, New City, NY – call 845-639-0982 for more information.

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